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We are a family run operation that takes great pride in what we do around the ranch everyday as the next generation becomes more involved. There isn’t a day that goes by we aren’t talking about cows and how we can make the best possible product for you. OUR PROGRAM DOSENT FOLLOW FADS OR FLAVOUR OF THE MONTH IT FOLLOWS THE FUNDEMENTALS OF REAL WORLD CHARACTERISTCS! We have sure enjoyed showing cows over the years and will continue to but we think it’s very important to understand that does not mean these are ‘’pampered cattle”. The same cattle we have shown are the same cattle we have built a program around, that’s been a lifetime in the making! When the sun goes down at the end of the day we like performance oriented, attractive, structurally sound cattle that last and work for the commercial cattleman and seed-stock producer.


We truly like to raise cattle that are functional and convenient. Our cowherd grazes until mid December and then are trailed home and fed hay and straw before calving. We like big middled, sound footed cows with good udders and excellent fleshing ability. The kind that look good seven days a week! We have never sold any females over the years and we truly feel our cowherd allows our bull pen to get bigger and better each and every year. We really recommend touring the cows if you get a chance. We are strong believers in cow families and a bull is only as good as his mother! We strongly believe in the type of cattle we raise and will continue to use their genetics moving forward to supply you with the most consistent, profitable product we can. 



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